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Our Consignment and Purchase Policy Info


We founded Discoveries Furniture with one principle in mind - providing an incredible shopping experience for our customers. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service and pride ourselves on never straying from our founding principles. Check out our store policies below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

Furniture or items accepted for Consignment - Before we can accept any items for consignment please send us photos of the item along with a description, dimension measurements,  and other information on the provenance of the piece to Discoveries via email.  Dan Johnson, the owner,  will contact you regarding your item(s) and if he should have any additional questions about your items. 

All items must be in excellent condition with no watermarks or other signs of damage. It is the responsibility of the Consignor to make any repairs necessary as the items are sold "AS IS."  If your item is selected, you will need to make arrangements with Discoveries Furniture regarding the date and time for delivery. 

Because our furniture is consignment only, the consignor is the legal owner of the items, and is responsible for maintaining insurance on them for loss or damage should the unforeseen occur.  Discoveries Furniture has a long history of carefully handling the furniture we sell; however, we cannot guarantee the safety of the property.

Consignment is for a period of ninety (90) days.  If the consigned property has not sold within this time, then it is the responsibility of the Consignor to either prick up the property or to renegotiate the sale price of the property.

Purchasing Items - Items are purchased from Discoveries Furniture "AS IS" because we do not own the items we sell.  For this reason, we do not make refunds or accept returns.  Please make sure you are happy with the item, and it will fit your home before you purchase it.   You are free to take measurements and photographs to assist you with your decision.   Payment is due at the time of purchase, as Discoveries Furniture does not offer Lay-Away plans.

Pick up or Delivery of Purchases - When you purchase an item you will need to make arrangements for pick up from the store within five (5) business days of purchase.  We have limited space within our facility, and more furniture arriving frequently.   We do not own the consigned furniture, so we cannot make delivery to you.  We have no storage facilities to hold furniture for extended periods of time, so furniture and accessories not picked up by their purchasers in a timely manner will be charged an additional fee.

For all items, not picked up within five (5) business days or for which pickup has not been arranged and Discoveries Furniture notified and has agreed to the arrangements, the purchaser will be charged a five dollar ($5.00) per day storage fee.  This fee will accrue until the item is picked up.  The storage fee must be paid prior to the item being released for pickup.  

Consignment & Purchase Policies: Store Policies
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